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The Heather and Grass etc. Burning (England) Regulations 2021

Explanatory Note

These Regulations prohibit a person from burning any specified vegetation on areas of peat over 40 centimetres deep in a site of special scientific interest that is also a European site, unless an exception applies, or the burning is carried out under, and in accordance with, a licence issued by the Secretary of State. A burning notice may be issued under regulation 6 if Natural England believes that specified vegetation is being burned in contravention of these Regulations. Regulation 7 makes provision for a right to make representations to a person appointed by the Secretary of State if Natural England serves a burning notice on any person. 

These 2021 regulations add to the prohibitions on burning specified vegetation set out in the 2007 regulations, on which the Heather & Grass Burning Code was based.

The full text of the 2021 Regulations is available to view here.

An explanatory Memorandum is available to download here as PDF document.

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