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 Guidance documents and resources from the Uplands Management Group

Note - 4th July 2022

The activity of the Uplands Management Group has been paused

The issues that this group was established to address remain important and continue to be addressed by the organisations represented on the UMG.

The Uplands Management Group was established as a successor to the Best Practice Burning Group (BPBG), which operated from 2003–2015, to agree and promote best practice in moorland burning.

The UMG was set up in April 2015 with a broader remit to consider a wider range of topical issues that relate to sustainable land management in the uplands. While remaining independent, the aim is for the activity of the Group to be steered by Defra’s Upland Stakeholder Forum (USF), which is a high level network for engaging with upland stakeholders. Find out more About the UMG.


We hope that having all the UMG's guidance in one place on this website will make it easier for anyone with an interest in burning heather and grass to access it, and it will provide a straightforward reference for applicants to Countryside Stewardship.


The guidance is available to download from the Documents page. While the activity of the Group is paused, this guidance is not being updated and users should make sure that it remains valid.

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